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Feeling Mom's Tummy

Crunchy Mama Chiropractic

Because finding your tribe is important.

Since beginning chiropractic college in 2015, Dr. Logan knew she wanted to serve the prenatal and pediatric communities. As soon as she was able, she took specialty training courses in these fields which enabled her to work in a prenatal and pediatric clinic the moment she graduated in 2018. Dr. Logan worked with Dr. Tedra Erickson-Stanley, DC, FICPA, IBCLC at her clinic, Acorn Chiropractic, for a full year before venturing out on her own. Under Dr. Tedra's mentorship, Dr. Logan has put into practice much of the specialty training she received from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). Now, Dr. Logan is hoping to be a part of women's tribes, aiding them through their pregnancy, labor and delivery, and fourth trimester as their go to prenatal chiropractor. By taking on only a low volume of patients, Dr. Logan is able to provide incredibly individualized and quality care to each of her moms and newborns.

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